Proper dance clothing/shoes are required.

No street clothes are permitted in any dance class.

Students should always wear cover-ups over their dance clothes.



All students must wear their hair in buns or ponytails unless short.  Hair must not fall or hit the student in their eyes when dancing.


Combo 1 and 2 classes

Any type of dance attire.  Ballet and tap shoes are required.



Black leotard, pink or suntan footed tights.  Black spandex shorts or ballet skirt are acceptable over the leotard.  Ballet shoes are required.  Hair must be in a bun.



Tight fitted top and spandex shorts.  Jazz shoes are required.



Tight fitted top and spandex or athletic shorts.  Tap shoes are required.



Tight fitted top and spandex shorts.  Barefoot is preferred.  If you are wearing tights, please wear footless or convertible.


Hip Hop

Athletic oriented clothing, no street clothes.  Athletic shoes (these shoes are worn only in dance class, not outside) are required.



Tight fitted top and spandex shorts.